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The new Olive Oil Skin Care Line has arrived at Harvest Oil & Vinegar!

Posted on: December 15th, 2014

The wait is over!

The new Olive Oil Skin Care Line has arrived at Harvest Oil & Vinegar! Ideal for sensitive skin, these all natural products are made from 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and essential oils! Choose from beautiful handmade soaps, body washes, shampoo/conditioner, candles, shaving cream and more. Great stocking stuffers, teacher gifts or Secret Santa exchanges!

What makes these olive oil skin care products so unique? Not only are they made from all natural ingredients, they combine the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a formulation that puts olive oil as the first ingredient on the list! Best of all, we know exactly where our olive oil comes from and these skin care products feature only Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

How to know if the product you’re using is providing high quality olive oil? Here’s a brief checklist of criteria you might want to consider when looking for high quality olive oil skin care products that truly offer the benefit that high quality extra virgin olive oil delivers to both skin and body:

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skin Care Product Checklist (Products Now Available at Harvest Oil & Vinegar!)

  • NO preservatives
  • NO artificial coloring or dyes
  • NO filler oils
  • NO Sodium Laurel Sulfate
  • NO palm, coconut or environmentally unfriendly products
  • NO chemical fragrances
  • NO chemicals or synthetics WHAT SO EVER
  • NO refined oils
  • Use 100% essential botanical oils for fragrance
  • Contains naturally derived Vitamin E and A from UP EVOO
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made exclusively with fresh UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • No animal products
  • Never tested on animals
  • UP Extra Virgin Olive is the first ingredient on the list!
  • BPA Free