The Butter Replacement Guide

Posted on: June 5th, 2014

Do you want a healthy alternative to butter or margarine? Add olive oil to your favorite foods and recipes! Below are substitution amounts for butter and margarine.

Butter/Margarine Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon 3/4 Teaspoon
1 Tablespoon 2 1/4 Teaspoons
2 Tablespoons 1 1/2 Tablespoons
1/4 Cup 3 Tablespoons
1/3 Cup 1/4 Cup
1/2 Cup 1/4 Cup + 2 Tablespoons
2/3 Cup 1/2 Cup
3/4 Cup 1/2 Cup + 1 Tablespoon
1 Cup 3/4 Cup

Suggested Uses for Butter Infused Olive Oil:


Use Harvest Ultra Premium Butter Olive Oil or any of our Ultra Premium Olive Oils for all your baking. Use our butter conversion chart to convert your butter or shortening to our Ultra Premium Olive Oil. Prepare your pans for baking with our Ultra Premium Olive Oil using an oil mister or brush.


“Butter” your toast with our Harvest Ultra Premium Butter Olive Oil or use it for grilled sandwiches and Panini. The oil blunts the glycemic index of the bread, making your serving of bread less likely to add to your waistline.


Use 1/4 cup Harvest Ultra Premium Butter Olive Oil and 1/2 cup unpopped popcorn. Heat in a large covered kettle on the stovetop over medium high heat until popping slows. Salt and enjoy a delicious and “buttery,” yet healthy treat!

Visit Harvest Oil & Vinegar to sample Butter Infused Ultra Premium Olive Oil.