Chicken and Leeks

Chicken and Leeks

Products Used:

Chicken and Leeks


Harvest Chipotle Olive Oil, for cooking*

2 large chicken breasts

3 large cloves garlic, minced

2 carrots

1 small onion, diced

6 small fingerling potatoes

several stems fresh thyme (I used lemon thyme and it added a delicious flavor)

1/3 cup Harvest Champagne Vinegar or A-Premium White Balsamic

1 cup chicken broth

3/4 cup cream or whole milk

salt and pepper, to taste

flat leaf parsley, fresh


Heat 1 Tbs. Olive Oil in a large pan. Season the chicken with salt and black pepper. Brown on both sides until golden. Remove from pan and set aside.

Add onions, garlic, carrots, and potatoes to the pan and sauté until softened. Season with salt, pepper and thyme. Deglaze the pan with the vinegar. Reduce down by half and add the chicken broth and cream. Return the chicken to the pan, cover partially, and let simmer for about 40 minutes (until sauce is thickened and chicken is cooked through).  It's a good idea to turn the chicken halfway through the simmer. 

*Use whatever Harvest Ultra Premium Olive Oil you're obsessed with at the moment-any flavor will be great!

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