Milanese Pasta Salad

Milanese Pasta Salad

Products Used:

Milanese Pasta Salad


2/3 cup Harvest Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil (or your favorite Harvest Olive Oil)

1/3 cup Harvest Champagne Vinegar or A-Premium White Balsamic

1 clove garlic

2 1/2 tsp. fresh rosemary

1/2 tsp. unrefined sea salt

1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper

1/2 tsp. dijon mustard

12 oz. your favorite pasta, cooked (we like penne or rotini, but anything will work)

1 pint cherry or grape tomatoes

8 oz. fresh spinach

4 oz. feta cheese


Combine olive oil, vinegar, garlic, rosemary, dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Whisk together until smooth. In large bowl, toss cooked pasta with vinaigrette mixture. Add tomatoes. Refrigerate until cold. Before serving add spinach and feta cheese. Toss until well combined. 

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